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Fight Against Malaria

Malaria is ranked as the major public health problem in people , representing 50% of illness in less than five year old children, 40-45% of medical consultation and 40% of the annual home income spent on health. There is no vaccine to protect you from malaria. Malaria commonly causes very serious disease and DEATH. People can die within 12 hours from the time they get their first symptoms. It is important to do all you can to prevent malaria which includes avoiding mosquito bites and taking a medicine while you travel and for a period after you return.

How do I prevent malaria?
There are many things you can do to prevent malaria.  This will not only protect you against malaria but may prevent other serious diseases like yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and Dengue fever.  Mosquitoes that carry malaria generally bite from sunset until sunrise, but mosquitoes that bite during the day cause other diseases, so they are also best avoided.
 Some simple things to avoid mosquito bites include:
--Wear protective clothing (long sleeve shirts and pants).
--Air-conditioning deters mosquitoes and windows that can be shut or at least with screens can help decrease the number of mosquito bites.
--Use a net over the bed (bednet) at night whenever possible.  It is best if the bednet has been treated with chemicals (ITN insecticide treated bednet).  You can buy nets which have already been treated or you can treat your own with permethrin.  There are also mosquito tents available that are more costly but are very convenient and can be bought in outdoor recreational stores or over the internet..
--It is important to use mosquito repellants. It is important to use products that have 25-50% DEET in them.  These are widely available from most pharmacies, grocery stores, and convenience stores.
Mosquito ┬árepellants. Should be applied every 4-6 hours and particularly before going to sleep.  It is safe in kids and in pregnant women but you need to be careful not to get it into eyes or mouths.  So, be careful not to put it on hands or near eyes of young children.

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