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Warehousing and Packaging
We understand that drugs and pharmaceutical medicines are prone to tampering if not stored under the requisite conditions. Thus, we ensure a hygienic and safe storing of our range of tablets, capsules and syrups. Our atmosphere at the warehouse is maintained at a proper temperature and is facilitated for ventilation that protects them from heat and moisture, thereby preserving the vital contents and innate properties of our drugs and medicines. We have structured our warehouse to store large quantities of our range along with undertaking a proper inventory management system and process our orders with promptness and efficiency.

Also, we give due importance to the packaging of our range of drugs and pharmaceutical medicines. To ensure non reactivity and stability of our formulations, we pack them in food grade packaging material. We offer drugs and medicines in bottles, capsules, blister packs and other material and ascertain that the packing is tamper evident & tamper proof and moisture-resistant. We also undertake client specific packaging of our range to ensure maximum satisfaction of our clients.


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